the autism corner!!!!

hi there! I'm Shroomi, and I'm a programmer and animator trying to build their own site to join old web culture! this site is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION but feel free to take a poke around! this site is intended for PCs. mobile devices, kindles, iPads, Barbie dreamhouse convertibles, and Teslas may not format them properly

so this site was supposed to be a silly side project, but i ended up spending a lot of time on it and i made it some sort of... host for all my socials? so welcome to my autism corner! here Scratch and YouTube Shroomi can hold hands and do peace and love while Tumblr Shroomi cries in a corner. this is the intersection of all my socials in one place, and also kind of a social of its own. so uh. yeah! subscribe, follow, and stuff